November 12, 2010

Canvas and JavaScript

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After a long period of not programming I recently got curious about the potential of JavaScript and Canvas. I put together this little demo over the past two days and this has been my first attempt to use JavaScript (a language that is actually quite nice to work in it seems). All that can really be done at this point is wander the map and trigger text events that display in the log and I’m not sure how much more I will be working on it (as I’m leaving to live in a monastery for four months on the 29th) but it’s been a fun little project. Not DS or GBA related I know but I thought it might be worth posting.

Click here to explore the “World of Doria” if you care to. Thank you to my father for having web space I can use.

A meadow in the woods.

November 1, 2009

Very Much Updated SynthGBA Release

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In this release I’ve added the ability to changes keys to any Major or Minor key. Scales starting on octaves 3 through 6 can be played. I removed the ability to play scales starting on octave 2 due to the inability to play the lowest note on the C flat major scale (Cb2/B1).


September 17, 2009

SynthGBA with Two Sound Channels

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With this version I’ve added support for two sound channels. It alternates between them so you can play more than a note at a time.

Two downloads because one enables the length flags and one doesn’t. I prefer the continuous play one with the envelop set to end the note that way as opposed to it just cutting out like the Length ones do… On the other hand the Length version makes the Length flags actually change anything.

Download with Note Length

Download with Note Continuous

September 13, 2009

Customizable SynthGBA

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With this version you can change the configuration of the instrument. The settings are saved.


September 7, 2009

Updated SynthGBA

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This version does octaves 2-7.



This version changes the keys to allow for a complete diatonic scale.



This edit adds the ability to change octaves up or down (should have been there to begin with…).


Single Octave GBA Synth

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Played around with the GBA’s sound registers tonight and put tigether a very simple synth.


Thanks to headkaze on retrobyte’s forum for the asm demos. I used some of the macros defined in the sound demo here.

August 28, 2009

Rectangle Demo

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Here’s a version with a process for drawing rectangles. Source code included just like before.


Bonus moving square version

Bresenham for Positive Slopes

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Worked a bit more at the previous demo and managed to make it work for all positive slopes.


August 27, 2009

Homework for dovoto’s Second Tutorial

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After watching dovoto’s second live video tutorial I decided to check out the Bresenham algorithm mentioned in the last slide. After some help from dovoto and this indispensable website I put together this demo of the basic version of the algorithm. It only only draws in the first octant but it’s a start I suppose. Also, it’s in ASM rather than C and it is for the GBA instead of the NDS (dovoto’s tutorials being for NDS with C).


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